Watch what past participants have to say! Not all students are introduced to the concept of summer language immersion directly at school by their language teachers or returning peers. If you want to know more about the dynamic of such a program, watch these 2 videos from the past two summers. It will give you an idea of the Denia program dynamic and how this immersion experience positively impacts students lives. There is nothing better than hearing an unscripted testimony from teens returning from their first summer study abroad adventure. If you would like to be put in touch with a parent of a returning student, let us know! Choosing the right program is an important decision.

What is the difference between a Magellan Program and a Magellan Solo Program? All our programs are prepared and supervised with the same level of professionalism and excellence. While all excursions and activities are always paid for, a Magellan Solo participant can opt out of them and have more freedom (thus the Solo name) Magellan Solo participants are usually 17 and over (although we do accept responsible 16 years old participants). On Magellan Solo programs we have a mix of American and European participants who are all in Denia to learn Spanish and have a great time under the supervision of an amazing staff and a caring homestay family.