Why Magellan?


Magellan Study Abroad, headquartered in Los Angeles since 2006, organizes top-notch educational trips for teens. Each Magellan program meets the highest standards when it comes to safety and quality. Magellan is proud to be the only educational travel company recommended by the California Department of Education as a "trusted resource for teachers".


Magellan Study Abroad language immersion programs foster a unique interest in international and cross-cultural communication while allowing students to enjoy an amazing time abroad. Our programs are the perfect boost for students who are passionate about learning a foreign language. After all, learning a foreign language will not only play an important role in every student's future, it will help set him or her apart. We have found the perfect balance between academics, true language learning and an amazing experience abroad. This is one reason why Magellan Immersion programs are recommended by alumni, parents and teachers alike. For more info, visit www.magellanimmersion.com



Why Denia?


When Spain experienced its tourism boom in the 70s, developers, fortunately, overlooked some of the most beautiful portions of the Mediterranean coastline. It has remained a quaint city that stayed away from mass urbanization. Denia has preserved its unique setting between the sea and beautiful mountains. Denia is a city with a long history, inhabited since Roman times in the first century BC.


Students enrolling in our Magellan program in Denia will experience the beauty of a Mediterranean town, as most were at one time, and the genuine characters of its welcoming inhabitants. Homestay families, caring teachers, unique excursions and local friends will help students to call Denia “home” in a matter of days. A balance of morning classes, activities in the afternoon, followed by time on pristine beaches harmoniously blend to make this experience an unforgettable adventure. Improving language in such a unique Spanish seaside town guarantees a timeless summer.

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Beautiful Mediterranean coastline