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"Simply the best Spanish immersion experience I could have dreamed of. It was my best summer ever!"

Natasha. Magellan Participant/Denia Program July 2019

Through our unique immersion programs, with high safety and quality standards and impeccable program records, Magellan Study Abroad continues to make study abroad immersion programs popular for American high school students across the country. Since 2006, our efforts have helped make the "best international experience before college" a reality for hundreds of teens soon-to-be citizens of the world! Whether you are considering taking AP classes in the coming years, are enrolled in an IB program, starting and enjoying a foreign language at school and wanting to learn at a faster pace, our programs are the perfect fit! There is no better age to learn a language than your high school years.


Ready to expand your horizons? It's time to find a balanced way to celebrate your accomplishments while seeing the world! Magellan Study Abroad provides exceptional language immersion experiences for teens like you. These programs are adapted to your age group and maturity level, providing more freedom and independence while still in a safe environment. This page highlights one of our best-selling programs in Denia, Spain. Think European summer fun associated with a unique immersion adventure made of great teachers, perfect homestay and many, many fun excursions and activities. Enroll in the best Spanish program for teens now and get ready for a memorable summer!


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